Estefanie Morena Physical Performance Art / Musical Groups / Vocalist / Skating / Acrobatic / Adagio / Dancer / Creatives / Comedy

miami, Florida, United States

Specialties / Skills

Living Statue, Techno, Vocalist, Roller Skating, Wheel of Death, Trampoline, Mime, BMX, Adagio, Hoop Diving, Living Robot, Dancer, Russian Swing, Media Designer, Choreographer, Comedy, Lighting Designer, Roller Blading, Jump Rope, Prop Balancing, Skateboarding, Acapella, Russian Bar, Fast-Track


Colombian American Artist
currently located in Miami
Loves to paint, model, act, sing, dance, design costumes


Freelance Artist

La Morena
Jan 1, 2009 - Mar 1, 2014

Language Skills: Trilingual-English, Spanish, proficient in Brazilian Portuguese.
Professional Domestic Experience:
1. Activities as Visual Artist: mural design, painting, sculpture, mixed media (2009 to 2013).
2. Master Craftsman Studios/ FSU Tallahassee: Project Management Internship-assisted in the usage of tools for 3-dimensional works utilizing wood, metals, textiles, during Spring and Fall, 2011
Professional Foreign Experience:
1. Universidad Federal de Itajuba; Brazil (UNIFEI): Internship; May-June 2011. Instructor of American English and Culture to University engineering students (all levels)
2. FSU Foreign Exchange Program in Valencia, Spain, Spring 2012
Dance and Acting Activities:
1. Member of ‘Taste Ladies’, Dance Group
2. Extra in “En Otra Piel” Telemuundo, Miami 2014
3. Runway for Ramono Martelli,, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, 2013
4. Modeling for The Vintage Cast by Tameka Mclean,, New York (2013)
5. Solo Performance with Free Soul Dance Company January 2013. (2012-Present)
6. Vocal Training with Trifecta Music Group, Hollywood, Fl. (2013- Present)
7. Dance Training with Jesus Sanfiel, ex Danseur Nobel of the National Cuban Ballet, Miami, Fl.
8. Acting Training with Venevision Artistic Director Yacky Ortega, Miami, FL 2013
9. Teaching Ballet, Training in Flamenco, and Acting with PAN, Performing Arts Network;
10. FSU: 2 Terms of Ballet training 2009-2010; Vladimir Issaev’s School of Classical Ballet, Miami, 2005-2009.


Florida State University, College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance

Bachelors, 2009 - 2012

Headshot Verified

5' 5"
Vocal Range:
= Available