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If you have extraordinary ability and can demonstrate superior strength and agility in one or more of the following areas, come discover a world where dreams swim in the air and dance on water!

• We look for strong, technically trained, classical or contemporary dancers, and competitive ballroom dancers who have an interest in theatrical performance.

• All candidates of Le Rêve are required to pass a swim test, so please always remember to bring a swim suit, towel and goggles (if needed) to an audition.
• The swim test consist of a controlled jump (feet first) from a 15 foot platform into the water, an endurance swim of 200 meters (non-stop), tread water for 10 minutes and a 65 foot underwater swim without coming up for air.
• If you are a gymnast, acrobat, martial arts specialist, diver, cheerleader, aerial artist or circus arts specialist, we refer to you as a "Generalist." The audition process is broken down into four parts: strength tests, specialty-skill swim test, dance and improvisation. You can view a video of the strength tests and skills below.


• Synchronized swimmers, dancers and comedic actors do not have to pass the same strength tests as a candidate for a Generalist position.
• Please do not bring apparatus or rigging as we do not watch any specific "act" during the audition process.
• Please feel free to submit your demo for review.
• Female dancers: wear heels and body-conscious clothing that shows leg lines–no loose clothing
• Male dancers: wear body-conscious clothing that shows your build–no loose sweat pants or loose shirts
• Le Rêve – The Dream is an aquatic show, so please bring a swimsuit and goggles to the audition.

Feel free to click on the link below for more information:

Open Auditions for Male and Female Technically-Trained Dancers and Ballroom Dancers:

May 4th, New York City
Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Avenue
New York City, NY 10018
Men at 11am
Ladies at 12pm

If you are interested in auditioning for Le Rêve – The Dream but cannot attend one of our open calls, please send all submissions to:

Louanne Madorma – Director of Casting lerevecasting@wynnlasvegas.com

Please be sure to include a resume, demo, headshot, and your height and weight.

Email: superadmin1@calltime.com

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About Le Rêve - The Dream

Las Vegas’ spectacular show, “Le Rêve” at the Wynn, Las Vegas is on a nationwide audition tour. They are seeking gymnasts, divers, circus artists, cheerleaders and acrobats and will be holding auditions in multiple cities nationwide.