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Celebrity Cruises Productions are holding auditions on April 17–18, 2015 at the Nashville School of Dance in Nashville, TN

General Requirements:
• We are auditioning cast members to play roles between the ages of 20 to 35.
• You must be a minimum 18 years of age to audition.?
• Height Requirements: Females 5’3” – 5’8”, Males 5’7” – 6’.?
• Vocal Range: Females: Belt/Mix to F5, legit to C6 ; Males: Baritenors to a G or Tenors to A with strong riffs.
• Strong pop falsetto a plus
• Please bring a copy of your resume and headshot to the audition.

• We require experienced and technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, tap & partnering who are looking to be a part of an incredible entertainment program!
• Our shows are cutting edge as well as sultry, edgy & modern.
• All Female Dancers must be able to perform in 3 inch heels including turns, leaps, floor drops & partnering.
• Some of our dancers will do aerial work in our shows; no prior aerial experience is necessary as this will be taught to our performers.
• Dancers interested in aerial tracks must possess well developed, strong bodies to sustain rigorous demands of aerial work.
• Aerial performers must be willing to work at heights of up to 30’.
• Our choreographer will teach several challenging combinations at the auditions.
• Proper dance attire is required.
• Celebrity is seeking seasoned dancers with various styles of dance and strong technical training.
• All dancers should wear form fitting dance attire – No Baggy Clothing!
• Female Dancers- please ensure you have 3 inch character shoes & Tap shoes
• Male Dancers- please ensure you have character/jazz shoes & tap shoes with you for your audition!

• We require professional and seasoned vocalists with various vocal styles who are looking to be a part of an incredible entertainment program!
• Our shows are cutting edge as well as sultry, edgy & modern.
• Vocal styles to include: Pop/Rock, R&B, contemporary Musical Theater, and Jazz.
• Vocalists should present their best 16 – 32 bars of a ballad and an up-tempo in contrasting styles.
• An accompanist will be provided at the auditions and sheet music in proper key is required.
• All vocalists should wear form fitting clothing during their audition, but not restricting.
• Please, No Baggy Clothing!
• Should you be called back, please be prepared to change into form fitting dance attire for your movement choreography piece.
• Female Vocalists- please ensure you have heeled dance shoes
• Male Vocalists- please ensue you have proper dance shoes for this portion of your audition.

We Offer:
• 6 – 9 Month Contracts?
• Family Cruise Privileges?
• Professional Work Environment?
• Paid Rehearsals?
• Contemporary and Modern Stage Shows
• Modern Entertainment Performances in venues around vessel
• Competitive Salaries

Can’t make it to audition? Send in your video to celebritycasting@celebrity.com

Nashville School of Dance
817 2nd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37210

April 17, 2015
Vocalists – Sign in @ 1:30pm

April 18, 2015
Dancers – Sign in @ 9:30am

Email: superadmin1@calltime.com

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