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What is Calltime?

Calltime is the employment portal for working professionals in the entertainment industry. It allows entertainment Producers to quickly screen talent on a worldwide basis and provides the ability for talent to upload specific audition submissions to potential Producers.

How does Calltime work?

Create Your Professional Profile:
Upload your headshot, a demo reel and your resume to create your Calltime profile.

Promote your profile, discover new jobs and audition online:
Your profile will automatically appear in search results. Production companies and producers search the talent database and post auditions. You can also search available jobs, save jobs and save searches.

How much does it cost to join?

Our basic talent account is free, while premium features that add value to your profile are available for a small monthly fee. Our membership plans can be viewed here.

How is Calltime different from talent websites?

Calltime is not an agency or a talent website, it is a casting and booking portal for producers and buyers of talent in the entertainment industry. Producers are able to upload specific audition materials to prospective talent, eliminating the cost of traveling to an in-person audition.

Who can have a profile on Calltime?

Calltime is a service for professional entertainers. If you perform professionally in the entertainment industry then Calltime is the perfect place for you.

What can I include in a profile?

Your profile is a showcase for your talent and experience. Include your demo reel, specialties, performance resume, availability, location, photos and more.

What does it mean when a profile is verified?

It means that the profile has been reviewed by Calltime staff and meets the criteria of a professional entertainer or performer. This streamlines the process for producers actively hiring for upcoming shows. Verified performers appear first in producer talent searches.

How do I get my profile verified?

All Calltime member profiles get reviewed once required profile elements have been uploaded:

  • Your headshot
  • Your demo reel
  • Your specialties and skills
  • Resume in PDF format or submitted form
  • All required demographic fields (name, date of birth, contact address, etc.)

Do I have to be verified?

No. You can still receive and submit customized auditions and create a public profile on the Calltime website to share with potential producers.

How can I promote my profile?

Word of mouth works. Use the sharing buttons to promote your profile across all of your social media networks. Also, on the left side of your profile page, there are links that you can easily copy and paste into your website, post on blogs, directories, or even in email signatures.

Who can be selected for jobs and auditions?

Anyone matching job/audition criteria can be invited to audition or get the job. However, keep in mind that Calltime is used by producers requiring professional talent. In other words,

Calltime is a professional employment platform and the competition is high, so make sure your profile really showcases your talent.

What if my specialization is not listed?

Please submit a “specialization request” via the messaging portal in your account we will add the specialization (if applicable).

Why don’t the customized audition uploads show on my public profile?

The customized audition uploads are private materials only viewable by the specific Producer that provided them. For example, if you sing 3 vocal tracks for company A to review before hiring you, they would not be viewable by company B or any other viewer. You can always view what you have uploaded in your private profile and update them as necessary.

Can I post customized audition materials to a public profile?

No. Custom audition materials requested by a specific company or producer are the property of that company or producer. Those materials are covered in the NDA agreement you accepted before using the site.

Is Calltime available in any other languages?

Not at this time. Development of the site in other languages is on the roadmap and will be added in the future.