Producer frequently asked questions

Who says you can’t audition, cast and hire everywhere at once? With Calltime you can post custom auditions, review performances, send inquiries, make offers and staff your productions anywhere in the world.

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What is Calltime for producers?

Calltime is the entertainment screening portal for producers of professional productions in the entertainment industry. It allows entertainment producers to quickly screen talent on a worldwide basis and provides the ability for talent to upload specific audition submissions for producer review.

How does Calltime work for producers?

Create a Profile:
Register in the system in the same way that talent does. (It is not necessary to upload photos, media or CV to request a production company account.) Send a message to the Calltime Administrator via the messaging system to let us know that you would like to be registered in the system as a producer. You can also send us a request via the “contact us” form on the site and we will be happy to set up the account for you. NOTE: There is a vetting process to confirm that you are a producer/ production company of actual professional productions.

Complete your Production Company Profile:
Once approved for producer access, log into your account and add company account administrators, company logo, company description and your talent reviewers.

Start using Calltime:
That’s it! Start posting job openings, screening talent, searching the Calltime database, uploading custom auditions and reviewing talent.

How much does it cost to join?

Our basic production account is free, while premium and enterprise features are available for a monthly or annual fee. Our membership plans can be viewed here.

What does this do for a producer?

The Calltime talent screening portal enables production companies to dramatically reduce hiring costs through screening of potential hires. Additionally, Calltime administrators filter out non-professional talent, saving you time and streamlining your screening process.

What is a customized audition?

Customizable auditioning allows you to upload private audition materials and content for prospective talent to download, execute and re-upload in the format of your choice.

An example would be having dancers execute specific combinations on video and submit to you for evaluation.

What is a reviewer?

Producers can add multiple “Reviewers” to their account to review talent demo reels and custom audition submissions.

An example is if you are producing a new show, you can add your director in New York, choreographer in Sydney, vocal director in London as a Reviewer of talent. Your Reviewers analyze the submitted auditions based on your defined evaluation categories and rate the performance.

What is a buyer?

Producers can also add “Buyers” to their profile. Buyers can log into their profile to view talent that you have selected for their production.

An example would be a corporate buyer for which you are producing a special event. The show has 4 singers, 4 dancers, 4 circus acts and 2 magicians. Your Reviewer team can evaluate and propose the complete cast for the Producer to submit to the Buyer. The Buyer can approve or comment on the talent proposed and provide feedback in advance so there are no surprises on show site. You could even propose the entire choreographed show in advance for buyer approval via the custom audition functionality.

What if I need a feature that is not available?

Please submit a “feature request” via the messaging portal in your account and we will review the request for our next software release.

Why do I see duplicate profiles?

Calltime provides for non-exclusive agent representation of talent. If you search for a specific performer and 4 profiles are returned, they could be represented by 4 different agents, or 3 agents and the artist directly. You can then choose how you would like to book specific talent (for example if your company has a pre-existing relationship with a particular agency). You can even search the database with a filter to return only talent from a particular agent.

Is Calltime available in any other languages?

Not at this time. Development of the site in other languages is on the roadmap and will be added in the future.